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MicroFreedom categorizes "Emerging Nations" as micronations that have only recently come into existence.


Being designated as an "Emerging Nation" is not a reflection of the quality or seriousness of a given micronation, it simply indicates which countries are the newest.


Our hope is that every nation listed here will strive for greatness and distinguish themselves as the most successful micronation in history!

Know a micronation that's not on our list?

Emerging Micronations
A - Z Listing

Commonwealth of BOSHKA

The Commonwealth of Boshka is a tiny island nation located approximately 500 miles southeast of New Zealand. With just over 40 official registered citizens around the world. Founded by President Michael R. Bannister, Boshka started out as just a concept imagined after the economic crises of the early 2000's, President Bannister mapped out his idea for a perfect government. When Boshka was first founded, it claimed no real territory, then in the middle of the year of 2016, Boshka claimed actual territory and officially declared independence.

Commonwealth of DRACUL

The Commonwealth of Dracul was established on September 25, 2017. Dracul is a fledgling, pleasant nation, renowned for its barren, inhospitable landscape and compulsory military service. The hard-working, democratic, devout population of 62 Draculians have civil rights, enjoy the freedom to spend their money however they like, and take part in free and open elections. The current administration strives to provide for the best lifestyle of its citizens. Dracul's Foreign Affairs Department always welcomes other micronations into diplomatic talks.

Principality of ELLROSE

The Principality of Ellrose is located on a large parcel of uninhabited, undeveloped land in eastern Manitoba, Canada. They also have an embassy in the Detroit area of Michigan.


The Glacier Republic is a micronation created as an advertising awareness campaign created by Greenpeace in Chile on March 5, 2014 in protest over mining corporations building on or near the glacier and causing it damage. According to the activists, loopholes in the laws between the borders of Chile and Argentina and loopholes in regulations regarding the sovereignty of glaciers allowed them to legally create the Republic. Chile contains 82% of South America's glaciers, but currently has no laws in place to protect them.


The activists say that once Chile has passed appropriate legislation recognizing and guaranteeing the integrity and protection of its glaciers, "The Glacier Republic and its citizens will return the glaciers to the Chilean State," and the Glacier Republic will cease to exist. Therefore, the real purpose of the Republic is not to create a long-lasting country, but to force the Chilean government to protect its glaciers. Within its first ten days of independence, more than 40,000 people signed up to become "citizens" in support of the Republic, which has already opened embassies in 40 countries around the world (essentially just those countries where Greenpeace International already have offices).

Principality of HÉLIANTHIS

The Principality of Hélianthis was founded on June 1, 2013 by Vincent Merchadou, currently His Serene Highness Vincent I in western France. Mélissa Daud was the first Prime Minister and she was renewed in her post twice. In 2015, Prince Vincent made his first state visit to the Principality of Aigues-Mortes on the occasion of his invitation to the Princely Grand Ball of the Golden Bucket.

That same year, the Principality joined the Organisation of the MicroFrancophonie, an organization of French-speaking micronations. In 2016, the Prince Vincent served as a delegate to the first Summit of the Organization of the MicroFrancophonie to Aigues-Mortes alongside Niels I, Grand Duke of Flandrensis, Dominic Desaintes, Olivier I, Jean-Pierre IV and Gretchen, Crown Princess of Ladonia.


Hélianthis is dedicated to promoting gastronomy as well as celebrating the heritage and history of the region.


The Karnia-Ruthenian Empire is the sucessor state of the Kingdom of Ruthenia, a micronation founded on 19 November of 2014. Karnia-Ruthenia is a Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy claiming lands in America and Europe.


Not a simulation or a game, but a real, functioning micronation. The Emperor-King and the People will chart the course for the future of the country in a common effort to create and maintain their great nation.

Free Republic of LIBERLAND

Liberland, officially the Free Republic of Liberland, is a micronation claiming an uninhabited parcel of disputed land on the western bank of the Danube, between Croatia and Serbia. It was first proclaimed on 13 April 2015 by Czech right-libertarian politician and activist Vít Jedlička.


The official website of Liberland states that the nation was created due to the ongoing Croatia–Serbia border dispute. There has been no diplomatic recognition of Liberland by any country from the United Nations. The flag raising in Gornja Siga was performed by Vít Jedlička and some of his associates on the same day the republic was proclaimed. The flag consists of a yellow backdrop (symbolizing libertarianism) with a black stripe running horizontally through the center (symbolizing anarchy/rebellion) and the coat of arms in the center.


Jedlička stated that neither Serbia, Croatia nor any other nation claims the land as its own (terra nullius). The border, he argued, was defined in accordance with Croatian and Serbian border claims and did not interfere with any other state's sovereignty.

Principality of LORENZBURG

The Principality of Lorenzburg, or simply Lorenzburg, is a micronation founded on December 1st, 2014. The nation's borders coincides with the borders of the city district of Lorensberg in the Swedish city of Karlstad.


The area is approximately 11 hectares (110 000 square meters) is mostly a residential area with villas and semi-detached houses. There is also some woodland, a kindergarten and some playgrounds. The micronation upholds the values of freedom to live & love& learn, democracy, creativity and education.


The Murrawarri Republic is a micronation that declared its independence from Australia in 2013, claiming territory straddling the border of the states of New South Wales-Queensland within Australia. The territory is the traditional homeland of the Murrawarri people, an aboriginal nation, but the majority of the population is now non-indigenous Australians.

Kingdom of NORTH SUDAN

The 795 square mile Bir Tawil region of Northern Sudan and Southern Egypt has been classified terra nullius since 1902 when current national boundaries were drawn between Egypt and Sudan.


The century-long border dispute between Egypt and Sudan left the Bir Tawil Region as the only unclaimed land on Earth outside of Antarctica. Seeking to build a new, ecologically sustainable nation, Jeremiah Heaton undertook an expedition to the Bir Tawil region so that an official sovereign claim could be made in compliance with International Law.


On June 16, 2014, on the 7th birthday of his only daughter Emily, Jeremiah Heaton planted the official national flag of the Kingdom of North Sudan in the newly established capital of Bir Tawil, North Sudan. The Kingdom of North Sudan was established as a monarchy with Jeremiah Heaton serving as head of government.

Republic of SAINT-CASTIN

The Republic of Saint-Castin is a small micronation which groups various enclaves in the Laurentian Mountains. Founded June 23, 2014, it wants to be a democratic exercise where indigeneous laurentian peoples like Anishnabes, Crees, Montagnais and Naskapis with indigenous appalachian peoples like Abenakis, Micmacs and Maliseets and also iroquois languages speaking peoples like Mohawks and Hurons-Wyandiots live in harmony with European and Metis descendants.

Kingdom of SCONE

Established on 1 March 2014, the Kingdom of Scone is a community dedicated to the celebration of the Anglo-Celtic cultures and traditions of the British Isles. The Sconnish People have determined to structure and govern the community they form as a kingdom-in-miniature, complete with a figurehead king, a Westminster-style parliament, a government led by an elected prime minister, and a variety of other interesting political and cultural outlets which give form and atmosphere to the community.

Principality of SURLAND

The Principality of Surland is a young micronation, which proclaimed its independence on the 3rd of May 2015. Surland is an open-minded micronation, which supports enlightenment for culture, history, arts, researches, sciences. "Les Lumières" have a big influence on the culture of Surland as well as promotion of human rights.


The territory of Surland consists of five islands along the Moselle River in the east of France about 30 kilometers from the border of Luxembourg. The Consulat of Surland has Pastafarism as State religion, but accepts all the other religions. Nobility (privilege nobility) has been abolished in Surland, even though it's possible to have a Nobility title, such titles do not convey any special privilege.


Since the passing of the new Constitution, the Consulat has a Prince, who does not rule the Surland, but who can be called on the throne if the Consulat of Surland is in political trouble. The platypus was chosen as the national animal of the Surland on the 2nd of June 2015 by the Surlandais and non-Surlandais through a universal vote. On the 3rd of February 2016 by referendum, the population decided to turn into a Principality. The Consulat of Surland became the Principality of Surland the 24th of March 2016.


The Kingdom Unixploria is an independent country located within the borders of southern Sweden. The idea of founding a country began as a game of the mind. The Kingdom of Unixploria is a country governed by scholarly collectors, explorers and poets all making expedition plans to discover new worlds to explore, but never exploit.


Unixploria could also be described as a one man's dream that has expanded into a vision without boundaries. Their philosophy is: “It all boils down to making dreams a reality.”

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