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Steven Scharff with $1,000,000
Grand Duke Travis of Westarctica


MicroFreedom was originally created by Steven F. Scharff as a result of his a long-standing interest in micronations stemming from a childhood visit to the United Nations Headquarters and reading about the Principality of Sealand.

This fascination prompted Steven to found his own micronation called the Principality of Nova Arcadia in 1994.  Included on the Nova Arcadia website was a single page of links dedicated to other micronations, new country projects, and other alternative forms of government.

Due to the high number of questions he received as well as his own devotion to the subject, Steven expanded the single page of links into an entire website dedicated to the study and preservation of information about micronations, and on January 18th, 1999 MicroFreedom was born!


In 2016, Steven started looking for a successor who could give MicroFreedom the time and energy it deserved.  He reached out to the community of micronational leaders and was contacted by Travis McHenry, a micronationalist since 1996 and the current Grand Duke of Westarctica.

Travis wanted to find a way to preserve the simple goal and style of MicroFreedom while also bringing it into the 21st Century.  His grand vision included overhauling the website and creating a mobile app that would help connect everyone in the world with micronations on an intellectual and geophysical level.

Honorable mention goes to R.D. Carosuo, Aderyn Evereste, and Brian Gruben for the research assistance they provided to the original MicroFreedom Index.

Many of the quotations about defunct nations are courtesy of them.

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