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All submissions will be evaluated for legitimacy and relevance prior to being added to the MicroFreedom index.  When evaluating whether or not to add a micronation to our listing, MicroFreedom does not discriminate based on religion, race, ethnicity, political orientation, sexual orientation, or anything else besides the merit and quality of the micronation itself.

Not all micronations submitted to MicroFreedom will be included on the list and/or the mobile app.  Criteria for inclusion on the mobile app includes: longevity of the nation, level of activity of the nation, and the ability of tourists to visit the physical nation or nation's embassy.

Micronations that are less than ten years old may be required to verify continued activity of their project to avoid being flagged with "defunct" status.  The activity verification will be sent via e-mail to the declared founder / leader of the micronation on an annual or bi-annual basis.


MicroFreedom will make every effort to maintain the accuracy of the micronations listed, but cannot guarantee accuracy, especially if frequent changes are requested by a micronation's representatives.  An excessive number of requests for changes to a listing will result in the listing being removed entirely.

By submitting your micronation or new country project to MicroFreedom's Index, you are giving express permission for the materials you submitted (flag and nation description) to be used by MicroFreedom in perpetuity.

MicroFreedom reserves the right to remove any listing that contains explicit content, deliberately offensive content, or any listing that contains links that include hate speech of any kind.  Projects that advocate sedition by violence or otherwise illegal means are not eligible for listing.

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