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While every founder of a new country hopes their nation will be a tremendous success and last ten thousand years, the sad reality is that most micronations will fail within the first few years.
It's a familiar pattern: The participants "age out" of running a micronation as their interests shift toward real-world activities such as college, dating, and getting a job.  Their governmental activities slow to a crawl before stopping completely.  No more e-mails, no more updates, and then finally, their website goes offline for good.
MicroFreedom maintains a list of inactive and defunct micronations as a lasting tribute to those nations that are no more.
Is your micronation still active?  Let us know and we'll move you to the active list!
Defunct Micronations
A - Z Listing


"Ab Roma's society is comprised of everyday people who are passionate and serious about the study and revival of ancient Roman culture. We aren't just a group of people who get together and role-play every once in a while, some of us dedicate our lives to this. We wish to spread our knowledge throughout to help our society grow and prosper.  Another important aspect of Ab Roma is the concept of reviving ancient Roman philosophies, virtues, and ethics that would apply to everyday life. Virtues - which define the ideal state of being and behaviour." - from an e-mail by Quintus Caius Aurelius

Democratic Republic of ACELAND

"Although we claim to be a democracy we are not quote there yet, although it is an admirable ideal. We are also looking for a place to put our country but this is only a minor problem." - from the website


Republic of AEDELAND

"Aedeland is a model nation, paracosm, ephemeral state, or fictional country. It is an island nation located in the North Atlantic about 127 nm northwest of the Azores." - from an e-mail by Biǫrn Silfrtunga, Director of Digital Media, Foreign Office, RoA



"Alphistia is a model country. It began as a 'neighborhood nation' which I created when I was a nine-year-old boy in 1967 in a town near Cincinnati, Ohio. Various houses on a working-class street were designated as 'provinces', and local children joined up as 'citizens'. A proto-Alphistian language was created, complete with its own alphabet. This childplay continued until 1974, when the first 'real, existing' Alphistia ended. For the next 20 years or so, Alphistia has existed on paper in various incarnations. Currently, Alphistia continues its status as a 'virtual' country". - from the website



"Almazonia is the first of a new generation of nations based on original political and philosophical concepts. Since the 'old political recipes' failed all over the world because they led to war, injustice and exaggerated materialism, we thought of building a nation based on totally different principles. A first approach may be disturbing to our minds used to 'politically correct' ideas, but a deeper study reveals all the richness and originality of our enterprise.  Though our enterprise aims at achieving serious goals, you will find many graphical and pseudo-historical elements of humor on our website. Seriousness does not exclude humor and one should not forget that many 'serious looking' leaders were great deceivers to their people.  In the hope to have in the future a real nation of ours, we invented fictitious history, population data and history just for the sake of entertaining the flame of your imagination and the will to make it real. Dreams that do not come true are flowers which never blossom." - from the website



"Alteria once listed itself as a Micronation, a small nation-state. but now it strives to become than a micronation, an identity in its own right. We are a community of like minded persons who have found common ground based around our ideals, values, and beliefs and formed a nation around those terms.  Alteria stands for freedom, Equality and Democracy, but it also promotes living clean and green, looking after the environment we live in, in a peaceful, tranquil, free, majestic, and fun setting." - from the website


People's Republic of AMADOR


Dual Principality of AMAGI

This website is Stephen Houghton's blog devoted to his views on starting a new country.


Republic of AMERADA (Website still up but group is defunct.)


AMOKOLIA (Royal Amokolian Republic)

"Amokolia is a new micronation That offers a place to practice law,meet new people, and mostly have fun. Our current King Jess X, is devoted to making your citizenship very fun. We invite all people to join our magnificent micronation." - from an e-mail


Republic of ANSCONIA


Deomcratic Republic of ARTEÑYA


United States of ASTOR





"The Prince of Alameigh, Christopher Thieme, was indited in an LoSS case against him in late 2001 in which he admitted posting vulgar messages to micronationalists he did not like. As a result of this, he closed down Alameigh and left micronations for good. The nation has since remained closed."




Islamic Republic of ANTVERPIA
"Ken Avonts, leader of Antverpia, has gone missing as of late and a number of people have been attempting to find him."


Royal Isle of AQUARIA
"This Micronation which used to be run by Myself has since closed down and the URL of has since been taken over by someone else. As far as I know it is no longer used by a micronation." - Chas Jar'go (via e-mail)

United Kingdom of ARMINY (Arminian Ricch)
Defunct. Merged with Shireoth. Forums missing, website no longer updated.

Dominion of ASPHYXIA

Solomonic Empire of ATTERA

Formerly the Federation of the Imperial States of Attera and the Rasinate of Q'attera-Macusiaa.


"Audentior folded over three years ago in 2001. This due to an internal civil war which subsequently caused the formation of the Flying Islands of Jasonia, Shireroth and Hyperborea."


Commonwealth of AUGUSTINIA
(Fomerly the Kingdom of Augustinia)


Wiccan Sovereignty of AVALON
(Reorganized as a model country named the Principality of FARRAN EAYST)

Kingdom of BABKHA

"Babkha is a dynamic micronation which aims to bring back the glory of a bygone era. Within the borders of Babkha a traveller will find a touch of the exotic, a taste of the Orient, and a feel for the Near East. The glorious Kingdom is overseen by the Shahanshah of Babkha (King of Kings), Shah Babak Kapav Mehr (King Babak, the Light of Kapav).  Babkha was borne of the dream of a time long ago in a land rich with diversity and culture, the dream to return the glorious days of the ancient near east, where the worlds cultures intertwined to form something great.  The Internet has made it possible for Babkha to become a micronation where people from all around the world can join together to develop a new kind of nation, a new world which gains its strengths from the past and looks to its opportunities in the future." - from the website


Republic of BAJA ARIZONA


Kingdom of BAHOUDII

"Due to recent political events in the country surrounding the Kingdom of Bahoudii, all Kingdom of Bahoudii web interfaces, webservices, websites, etc. are Officially OFFLINE.  All Kingdom business is only conducted via secure channels, through approved official mail services, or face-to-face until further notice." - from the website

Kingdom of BANNESLED

"On June 12, 1998 after much thought, Emily Sarah Lindsay Denyes started a small chain of events that would eventually lead to the creation of the Kingdom of Bannesled. The first thing she did was buy her bedroom from her parents. The room was sold for $3 Can. on June 12, 1998. She then roughly sketched out a nation. On June 24, 1998, Emily, by signing The Declarations of the People of Bannesled, successfully separated her bedroom from the Dominion of Canada, creating an independent nation: The Kingdom of Bannesled." - from the website


Democratic Commonwealth of BERGONIA

"Bergonia, the nation, is a stable multi-party socialist democracy, and a vigilant foe of America's unrelenting efforts to impose its 'liberal-democratic' mega-corporate capitalist system on the rest of the world. Paradoxically Bergonia also offers vacation repose and hospitality to thousands of Americans every year, while the two countries engage in billions worth of trade -- Americans are especially appreciative of the smooth, minimalist styling of "Berg" furniture, glassware & jewelry." - from the website


A fictional continent that is the base of "Blood Royal", a fantasy role-playing game by James Doyle.


Kingdom of BORAGOVIA

"The Kingdom of Boragovia is a small nation in the eastern Atlantic." - from an e-mail


Rakanate of BRACTARIA

"I am planning to create a new country by the name of Bractaria. Bractaria will be a nation that is governed by a ruling council of 7 members. 2 of the ruling members, the Rakan and the Rikime, serve on the council for life. When they die or resign, their next of kin or appointed succesor beomes Rakan/Rikime. The other 5 members of the council are elected by the people of Bractaria and will serve 2 year terms. Bractaria is essentially going to be a democracy and will be based anywhere we can acquire sovereignty of some land. - from the website



"The Government of the Dominion of British West Florida is striving for Dominion Status as a Commonwealth Realm, on a par with Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and The Bahamas. We advocate the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union and the restoration of close political and economic links between Commonwealth Realms. British West Florida rejects any attempts to reduce the Royal Prerogative, holding fast to the British tradition of a Strong Monarch, and Free Subjects, with each respecting the Rights, Duties, and Privileges of the other." - from an e-mail


Kingdom of BENVERIA




Kingdom of BRAVIA


Commonwealth of BRINDABELLA




CHEECH Republic

"The Cheech Republic is a micronation operated out of my room for now. We are currently looking for territories in the Western Atlantic Ocean which we can claim and occupy. If you live on an unclaimed island in the Western Atlantic Ocean and would like to become the Cheech Republic, simply email me at for further information." - from the website

CHOCONYA (Choconyan State)
(Formerly the Kingdom of CHOCONIA)

Kingdom of CASBAH (archived website)

The Kingdom of Casbah was a 2.5 acre rural farm existing within the United States in Columbia County, Pennsylvania.  It was created as a result of a border dispute between three neighbors and existed from 1996 - 2001, when the founder and ruler was forced out of his position as Maharajah by the legal owners of the farm.  He briefly returned to his position of power in 2006 to wage a troll war against the Empire of Atlantium before being rendered inactive again in 2007.  The property on which Casbah existed was sold by the landowners in 2012 and now rests in private hands.

Sovereign Principality of CORVINIA


Virtual Commonwealth of CYBERIA


Democracy of CHERUSKEN-ISONOMIA - Folded as of August 2002
"Final Testament of the Democracy of Cherusken-Isonomia:
After two years of reviving the purest form of Athenian Democracy, of combating intermicronational (and sometimes macronational) fascism on every front, of pioneering true sovereignty of the Individual, and of generally combating the forces of darkness that encroach their claws in a stranglehold over humanity, the Democracy of Cherusken-Isonomia has closed its doors. It's been, unarguably, a great ride. Indeed, that the idle political projects of three or four disgruntled armchair politicos in three different countries could merge and form a vibrant and unique nation is nothing to sniff at. The determination of its people towards maximizing freedom and equality made it something special on the micronational scene; while most micronations focused on a "theme"; wherein the stray micronationalist would find the shoe that best fit and wore it, the DCI said in a loud and clear voice (or rather, in bold and large-point type) that the DCI was whatever its citizens made of it, no strings attached. But now the dream is over. Trying to pinpoint one reason would be beyond futile. Rather, the DCI is a victim of the same wave that has swept any older micronations - An aging population, a low birthrate, the demands of normal life and the inactivity typical of a passive status quo. Indeed, there is a lesson here for all who want to raise up a libertarian or anarchic state: when the only law is that of "mind your own business" and "Leave it be" it's damn near impossible to legislate. And without legislation, what exactly is there for a governing body, or even a whole collective state, to do? Chew on that thoughtfully, micronationalists. Tis agoreuein bouletai (Who wants to talk)? No one will now. But perhaps, if the people will it, new nations, or maybe nations now active, will embrace the doctrine of political equal participation we have preached so committedly."
Adieu,The Sovereign Individuals of the Democracy of Cherusken-Isonomia" - submitted by Richard Shears

Principality of CLIPPERTON


CLOBON Government In Exile (Clobonin pakolaishallitus)


People's Republic of COMMUNICATIA
According to Norbert Holstein, this is now part of the United States of Astor.

Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands

The Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands (also known as The Gay Kingdom of the Coral Sea) was a micronation established as a symbolic political protest by a group of gay rights activists based in Australia. Declared in 2004 in response to the Australian government's refusal to recognize same-sex marriages, it was founded on Australia's external overseas Territory of the Coral Sea Islands, a group of uninhabited islets east of the Great Barrier Reef. The Kingdom was dissolved on 17 November 2017 following the decision made by the Australian people to legalize gay marriage.

Free State of DARRYL

"The Free State of Darryl aims to be a loose association of sovereign individuals. TFSOD claims no land, only claiming 3 feet square around each independent citizen. Each citizen has the right to do anything he/she sees fit, so long as they do not interfere with another person's right to life, liberty or pursuit of happiness." - from an e-mail by Darryl W. Perry


Kingdom of DARUNY

"Daruny is a small country in central Europe where even the most masculine-looking man can be completely accepted as a woman and even the most feminine-looking woman can be completely accepted as a man if they are so inclined, because gender is defined entirely by how a person presents; physical appearance doesn't figure into it at all." - from an e-mail


DEMOKRATISCHE UNION (Democratic Union) (Website in German)
Formerly the Democratic Union of Ratelon



"Humankind has turned its back on the magical in favor of a new dream - a dream of a sterile, banal world with no mysteries or wonder. A world where all the questions have been answered and all the puzzles of the universe solved. And yet, in the quest for this Utopia, much of humankind has lost a little of themselves. They have forgotten how to dream...." - from the website

United Net Kingdom of DABULIEQIE


Kingdom of DANOS

Kingdom of DESCRETE



"(S)ince 1995 the Ejah International Organization (International added in 2000 when members from outside the USA joined and it seemed wrong to make it sound like they weren't really members) has used the creation of the Ejah Nation (Illustrious Royal Ejah Nation) in helping to achieve its many goals. It was started May 28, 1995 (officially) just a month a few days after the horrible destruction of the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. Twelve of us in Enid, Oklahoma gathered together to see what we could do. Using a game we used to play together we created our own nation for the purpose of finding solutions to the problems in the world today. Albert Einstein once said "the problems that exist in this world today cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them." Thus we created the Ejah Nation. Ejah has continued to grow and achieve popularity, mainly still in the Enid, Oklahoma area but others have taken notice. We work at creating fundraising events for charitable organizations, creating fun events for people in our hometowns to enjoy and perhaps even learn something from (such as a party with a msg about Human Rights or Enviromental Protection). We do have many yahoo groups, the most popular being in which many of members participate online to share the organization there until the website is relaunched. I'm not exactly sure if The Ejah International Organization and the Illustrious Royal Nation of Ejah have a place on a page with other micronations since they are seemingly opposite concepts brought together for the purpose of doing good for the world. And we do a lot for an organization/nation that every event is funded completely by the creators of the event. For example when a member was creating a human rights fundraiser to raise money for the Matthew Shepard Foundation she used her own money to create many of the decorations and information that was needed for the event. Another member used her own time to try to get a Gay-Straight Alliance started at her high school and yet another member used her time to organize art festivals so that fellow members with artistic talents could express and share their works with fellow members and those interested. Of course, that was the intent. I personally believe part of the success of the organization is that it doesn't require you to pay a membership fee, a due, a tax, or anything directly to the organization/nation, but instead members are allowed to use their money or time or whatever they can for the organization/nation as they see fit and as they choose if they choose at all." - e-mail received from Nathan Bowen (Zya Swa Ny Ya La)





"Elpoepia is a micronation for pagans to discuss current issues in pagan culture and spirituality. It is my hope to build a pagan community on-line and develop our own culture. We will discuss poetry, thoughts, practices and hobbies. Each member should come away with greater awareness. - from the website



Republic of FLANDERS

Sultinate of FREELONIA

"The Sultanate of Freelonia has been founded by Sultan Ibrahim I in 1996. Our Sultanate is ruled by Freelonian Popular Assembly (FPA) that is composed of  15 elected members and The Cabinet including Sultan and 4 ministers. Our country can be described  as the land of freedom in brief." - from the website


Principality of FARRAN EAYST

Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune of FEIANOVA
"Feianova has sporadically come and gone since its founding. Most recently it has since been annexed to the Empire of Lemuria by its founder, Sander Dieleman."

Republic of FLAT 24


Kingdom of FREEDONIA


Project was Chinese.


Renamed Empire of SWAN LAKE.

Independent State of G(H)ANASIA

Royal Kingdom of GÖTZBORG
Website missing, forum inactive, declared defunct by founder.


"As of 2005 Greater Automatica ceased to exist as a sovereign micronation and was reincorporated into the Imperial Republic of Shireroth. In 2006 Greater Automatica was reunited with Shirerithian Lesser Automatica and fully immersed in the government of the Imperial Republic. The monarchy has abdicated and relinquished all formal titles in favor of the Shirerithian government and empire.

- from the website

"The GAPR was conquered by the Republic of Blackrock and Audentior Independent Nation, becoming split between the two into Greater and Lesser Automatica on May 25th, 2000. Audentior obtained Lesser Automatica, which eventually became part of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth. On October 14th, 2000, the Republic of Blackrock folded, followed by a short succession of events which led to it becoming my own personal dominion. It maintains that status as the Principality of Greater Automatica."


Grand Duchy of GROGNARDIA


"Hamudistan is a virtual country, liberal and full of joy, conveniently located between reality and phantasy." - from the website


Kingdom of HANOVER

"The Kingdom of Hanover is a sovereign non-territorial micronation founded in November of 2002. The Kingdom of Hanover is a Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy following in the great democratic tradition of civilized Western nations.  Hanover is not a simulation but rather a real, functioning micronation. While your perusal of this website may reveal certain simulated elements such as maps or micronational religions, these elements are considered ornamental and exist only for the entertainment of the populace." - from the website


Virtual Republic of HASSMORIA


Knights HELMOLDS Patrimony

"Knight Helmold de Lode lived during late 13th century in the Duchy of Estonia. He is most known as possessor of two cities, Lodenrode and Koila, first time mentioned A. D. 1296, May 25. After centuries of abadonment, these dormant cities were revived A. D. 1996, May 25, as a 'micronation', under the joint name of Knight Helmolds Patrimony, or, more formally, Knight Helmolds Bailiwick." - from the website


HICKS Empire

"We are a monarchy of the New Millenium. We manifest a voice and body for fun, fairness, seriousness, good values, morals, and much more! We are not content in just sitting around and accomplishing nothing. We shall thrive in this world, and in doing so, we shall be known, and in doing so, we shall attempt to influence others with these desirable qualities." - Emperor Sean Nathanael Hicks


Independent Republic of HOLLY HILL
Formerly the People's Democratic Republic of Holly Hill

"Due to hijacking of the PDR Holly Hill redirect service, we will cease to have a website. Please list us still, with my email address, We have created a new flag, passport, and visa stamps for visitors." - from an e-mail by President Benjamin J. Dallas


Monarchy of HOMELAND

Grand Duchy of HAREN

"The Grand Duchy of Haren seceded from the state of Ohio, USA on August 4, 1996 in an open revolt. The great battle of Brandt saw the entire citizenry of Haren mobilized to face the onslaught of the American army. The heretofore occupying army did not show up for the battle so the Grand Duchy was formed in propria persona. This day is now one of the several holidays enjoyed by our magnificent country.  Another great battle was fought on June 6, 1997 when the Grand Duchy was infiltrated by American and Cuban agents posing as telephone company tree trimmers. This was a great moment for Prince Jed the fearless who single-handedly defeated these combined forces." - from the website

Vice Royalty of HILLSBORO


"Hyperborea voluntarily joined with the Imperial Republic of Shireroth in 2002."


The Imperial Government of Emperor Norton II in Exile

"After the death of Emperor Norton I the United States Government became the caretaker of his legacy, until Emperor Norton II declared himself and formed his government. However, the Imperial Government is not recognized and therefore exists in exile." - from an e-mail by His Excellency, Emperor Norton II


"IR is a micronation, founded with the intention of seeing IR grow to exist as a true nation, one whose primary intention is the growth and development of Romanitas among her citizens; Romanitas is here defined as the understanding and practice of the Roman virtues, religion, and culture. We are very new to the web and the decision to build a site on the internet was primarily because we thought it right to inform other Romans around the world of our presence." - from an e-mail by QVINTVS CAIVS AVRELIVS, Consul et Praetor Peregrinus


Empire of IRIDIA

"Iridia is a Micronation founded on 1/26/07. It claims territory on Micras. Iridia is a member of the United Micronations. We are currently looking for citizens to fill important government positions." - from an e-mail



"The Republic of Istvanistan ceased to be an independent, sovereign state on the 7th of November, 2000. All affairs of state are closed and all government positions are anulled. However, the website will remain up and the discussion forums will still be usable." - from the website


Community of ISODIMOS




Kingdom of JIRMANIA

"The nation was born in September 2002 and the kingdom was established on 15 August 2004. Jirmania is a country serving its Free Citizens as a philosophical asylum as well as a source of fun. New way of creativity are still being explored. Up to the present times, the idea attracted several people speaking four languages and coming from two continents (however most of them belong to the group of Friends, not Citizens). Today, the Jirmanian activity consists mainly of making hiking and cycling expeditions. The presence on internet and participating in everyday discussion is rather slack, though." - from an e-mail by King Peter I

Flying Islands of JASONIA
"The FIOJ folded in September 2001 and has remained a museum ever since. Most of its members went on to become citizens of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth."

Monarchistic People's Republic of JURASIA
According to Norbert Holstein, this "simply doesn't exist anymore".

Kingdom of KAMBERRA

Micronation that produces and sells its own banknotes.

Republic of KAJSTERANIJ (Website is in German)

"It is a virtual state and a game. They say that it's orientation is slavonic-neareastern. It seems to be meant to train people from that area in how democracy works."


Kingdom of KAUPELAN

"Kaupelan is a tropical country, located cose to Indonesia and Australia. It has a well developed language, history, geography and culture and intends to be as 'realistic' as possible." - from an e-mail by Paulo Eduardo França Padilha



"...(In) the leading countries and the other big world countries more and more human rights are being abused and high tax rates and stress take average 10 years from our lives. Is this what we want to do or move to somewhere where it is green, hot and quiet with its own government where you will have all the rights to direct the country. I am not saying you don’t have this rights but sometimes when countries get bigger things start to get out of our hands. High density, high pollution and stressful jobs can lead to health problems and I don’t want that. I believe many of you would think the same way and don’t worry we will not move to the middle of nowhere. It will be close to one country and in need of travel this will be provided. This project can take up to 5-10 years and once we buy the island that island would belong to all of us. We can build on it, trade or just relax. I am thinking about arranging a meeting for those who live in UK before we go any further so we could at least get to know each other and build some trust." - from the website


Freistaat KLE

German project.

Kingdom of KADIN

Theocracy and Empire of the Nations of KATÒ




Cordial Kingdom of KELTERSPRUF


Imperial Empire of KEMTONIA


Great United Kingdom of KISEENIA (GUKK)


Kingdom of LANDRETH


Free Republic of LAPUTA


Republic of LUCASTAN

A comic micronation. The national motto is "We Will Not Be Undersold!" and the national flag depicts a poker hand (Four 8's and a Jack of Hearts) by which the country's founder, Stu Lucas, reportedly won the deed to 1/3rd of Mangajang Island (9° 47' N, 140° 7' E) in the Ulithi Atoll, "in the South Pacific, 108 miles ENE of Yap Island, in the middle of bloody-damn-all. The principal businesses of Lucastan are offshore banking, tax shelters, gambling, bootlegging, and illegal discharge of firearms. Lucastan has no income tax, relying for its support solely on bribery and corruption. The official currency is the U.S. dollar, because we are not stupid." - from the website

"Laissez Faire City (LFCity) was a sovereign international city domiciled in Cyberspace. If you are a Founder coming in from the cold, please contact for information on the Founders' Audit." - from the website


Independent Principality of LAVALON
"Lavalon is, as far as I know, still alive and plugging along. I know that its founder, Kieran Bennet, is no longer associated with the project though. He has since moved onto another project, the Kingdom Breuddwyd."


Kingdom of LECTORIA


LIBERTARIA (Libertarian Society)


Republic of 'LLOME




Principality of LUSITANIA
(Formerly the Principality of Eastern Virginia and Maryland)


Lykosha was a nation-state experiment created by the founder of the Kingdom of TorHaven as a micronation dedicated to "walking the way of the wolf." Led by the Jarl, Lykosha aimed to function as a country managed according to the principles of wolves living in a pack.  Their embassy was located in North Hollywood, California and served as a headquarters for both Lykosha and TorHaven.


LYRICAN Republic
"Lyrica was recently re-founded by its original members as the Second Lyrican Republic. That nation quickly folded however and was recently shut down by its founder, Peter Hickey."

United Provinces of the MARELIAN EMPIRE


Republic of MANIA

"The Republic of Mania was declared an independent state by its only citizen, and therefore undisputed President for life, Manny Neira, on the 3rd of February 2006. It claims all territory "closer to me than anyone else at any given moment", creating an island of sovereignty which moves around with its population. It's extensive website describes the country's history, constitution, name, currency, and much else, in a rich mixture of humour and political satire. It seems that the real purpose of Mania is to express in a more imagination form Neira's arguments for the abolition of states and the adoption of true internationalism." - from an e-mail


Principality of MARIAHOLM


MARTIAN Government-In-Exile

A joke website, claiming to be a governing body of Martians on Earth.


Free and Democratic Empire of MAURÉSIE

French project.


Republic of MEDEA

"The Republic of Medea was founded in the year 2000 by its current Medea. It was founded as an ally to the Republic of the City-States, founded by the first Beauieo in the same year. Eventually, after marriage and divorce, the former Beauieo resigned his reign to the Medea, therefore making the Republic of the City-States a part of the Republic of Medea. This Republic’s basic principles are peace and happiness, a place where not everything is by the book. The Medea felt that the government of the USA lacked the common sense of what was right and wrong and many people were judged based on what the book said. Only in movies did people get rewarded for doing what was right, even if it was against the law. She realized that sometimes, boundaries were too much when it came to safety of oneself or others. Therefore, she decided to start her own country to show people that there is somewhere where what’s right is in the eyes of the beholder, not the book.  Medea is a name meaning "female ruler". All the rulers of the Republic are to be female." - from the website

Republic of MINERVA (Atlas Obscure entry)

The Republic of Minerva was a micronation consisting of the Minerva Reefs. It was one of the few modern attempts at creating a sovereign micronation on the reclaimed land of an artificial island in 1972. The architect was Las Vegas real estate millionaire and political activist Michael Oliver, who loaded barges with sand arrived from Australia, bringing the reef level above the water and allowing construction of a small tower and flag. The Republic of Minerva issued a declaration of independence on 19 January 1972 in letters to neighboring countries and even created their own currency. In February 1972, Morris C. Davis was elected as Provisional President of the Republic of Minerva. The declaration of independence, however, was greeted with great suspicion by other countries in the area. A conference of the neighboring states (Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, Fiji, Nauru, Samoa, and territory of Cook Islands) met on 24 February 1972 at which Tonga made a claim over the Minerva Reefs and the rest of the states recognized its claim.

Principality of MONASTICO

Renamed the Serene Principality of SERENDIP.


A gay-themed micronation project.

Reino Livre da MALÍDIA



Sovereign Republic of MALVEALE




MARIANA Republic


Socialist Republic of MAISON IKKOKU

MAYA Republic

Kingdom of MEROVINGA




MOONSHINE Republic (archived website)
"The Moonshine Republic was founded and is ruled by King Dan the 1th, His Drunken Highness, Ruler of all that is inebriated. We also have positions filled within our ministries by people equally as goofy and fun-lovin' as the king, thats why he put them there. The Moonshine Republic is the best run, figment of the imagination there is!" - from the website

Democratic State of NEW AMERICA

Tim Brown of Bellevue, Kentucky, USA, mentions that he and his friends "...were skipped in Census 2000 for not being Republican enough, so we have declared ourselves a separate nation called NEW AMERICA." He formerly ran a low-power radio station, "Tantrum 95.7", and currently publishes a newsletter entitled The Last Word.


Commonwealth of NEW ISLAND

"The Commonwealth of New Island is a 12,000 square mile playing field for a free mind. It is intended as a tool for your imagination; as a fun way to think about what you would like to do or how you would like to live if you could live somewhere else. It is somewhere between a game, an interactive art experience, and a real community. Presented as an imaginary island nation in the southern Indian Ocean, New Island is more 'real' than one might think." - from the website





"My site is primarily intended for collectors of coins from micro-nations and other unusual places. I have minted my own coin as well. My micro-nation was founded in January of 2003; my type of government is a "state". The most that I can hope to offer is that more people become interested in coins from these interesting places, and that more coins are minted from other places." - Erik McCrea


Principality of NOVA ARCADIA

Formed by the former owner of MicroFreedom, Mr. Steven Scharff as an attempt to restore the traditions and chivalry of the older orders, without their tyranny and oppression. Website presently in suspension.

Republic of NEUVELLE




Democratic Republic of NEW ETRURIA


United Anarchic Monarchy of NEWFIVELAND


United Regions of NEWFOUND HOPE
"URNH is no longer active. The URNH micronation project has been abandoned and terminated." - from the website


Republic of NICASIA
"Nicasia was annexed to the Republic of Noviykrazniystan in 2003 by its founder, Louis Pique. Noviykrazniystan has, however, since folded and there has been no word on attempts to resurrect it."


Most Serene and Excellent Republic of NIKHEDONIAN

Kingdom of ODECIA

"Odecia is a state founded in 2002 on the basis of the libertarian (and often surreal) attitudes of its Heads of State (King Joseph and First Minister Gareth). Why two? Well, we view them as an important constitutional safeguard for each to have vetoes, while it also serves to emphasise the kinship and sense of community held dear to the Citizens of Odecia." - from the website


Sultanate of OKUSI-AMBENO (Occusi-Ambeno)
"Territorially, the Sultanate of Okusi-Ambeno constitutes an enclave on the island of Timor, facing north out into the Savu Sea (Laut Sawa)." - from the website.

Republic of ORANGE

People's Confederation of OSCANIA


Dominion of OTTOWAK

Republic of PASSAS

Inner Realm of PATRIA (Antarbhumi Ramrajya)

Patria's Capital City was known as Castoropolis (Kashipura) and apparently had its own Geocities website at one time.


Free Commonwealth of PENGUINEA





"A real cowboy belongs to no one gender, race, or no one nation. We are joined together by our love for the range, the freedom we feel when we ride, and the simple truth we know ... no hat is required, but it never hurts." - from the website

Commonwealth of PORT COLICE


Kingdom of PORTO CLARO


Free State of PROMETHIA



Multi-lingual website. Click on the arrow under the globe to choose a language. According to the website, this is both a "Labroatory of Psycho-Politics" and a "community of those working for Immaterial Welfare."

Micronation of PACARY
"Pacary was closed by its founder, Sander Dieleman, and has since become part of his new micronational project, Lemuria, along with Feianova."





Free Community of PASARGADA


Kingdom of PENDRONIA


PENTAD Federation


PEREJIL Republic (Perejil Island)




Synergized Debentured Netdom of QUATLOOSIA

A satirical micronation established by the good people at Quatloos, an on-line guide to debunking investment, tax-shelter and "off-shore" financial scams. (Quatloos is run by Financial and Tax Fraud Education Associates, Inc.)



"Rainbowisland is located in the center of the North Atlantic ocean and is about the size of Germany. Appart from the main island, there are also 40 smaller islands which are part of the country. Just to the south there are the island nations of Ta Valta and Lismenst, with whom Rainbowisland maintains very friendly relations." - from the website (which will really hurt your eyes)

United States of ROADKILLS-R-US

On the 1st of April, 1997, this company seceded from the United States while claiming to be the first Cybernation, which it wasn't.

Great Republic of ROUGH AND READY (Atlas Obscura entry)

The first established settlement in Rough and Ready was made in the fall of 1849 by a mining company from Wisconsin, known as the Rough and Ready Company, during the California Gold Rush.  Their leader, Captain A. A. Townsend, named the company after General Zachary Taylor (nicknamed "Old Rough and Ready") who had recently been elected the 12th President of the United States. Captain Townsend had served under Taylor when he commanded the American Forces during the U.S.-Mexican War. California had three towns so-named of which only this one survives.  The town declared its secession from the Union as "the Great Republic of Rough and Ready" in 1850, largely to avoid mining taxes, but voted to rejoin the Union the following year so residents could celebrate the Fourth of July. The founding of the old republic is still celebrated annually as a way to attract tourism.

RAINBOW Republic

Democratic Union of RATELON

Principality of RITTERGEIST

Kingdom of SAINT-PAUL

French project.


Republic of SAINT JAMES


Principality of SARMATIA

Polish project.

His Majesty's Archduchy of SCOTIA

"His Majesty's Archduchy of Scotia is seeking to reestablish the Spanish Monarchy in any and all of the former colonies of the Spanish Empire. Until this is achieved H.M. the Archduke of Scotia Don Nicholas de Nixon y Meador (A Hapsburg and Borbon (Also spelled Bourbon) family descendent) will reign as the viceroy for these rebellious nation-states that do not recognize the Spanish Crown as their Head of State." - from an e-mail by HM Nicholas of Nixon and Meador

Kingdom of All the SEDANG

Serene Principality of SERENDIP
Fomerly the Principality of Monastico.


Province of SHUMA

"It is here to mention the final annexation to planet earth. Located just of the isles of Tolja. A country settled by inhabits, who direct all their attention to fixing the echo-system." - from the website



"Slobovia is an online, 6th World Micronation. Slobovia is a federal constitutional monarchy, with a strong pre-World War One German cultural theme. It's capital is Grossenberg. Slobovia is not a seccessionist group. It is an online community of people who enjoy the romanticism of the 1871-1918 German Empire. The Slobovian Kaiser, HIM Troy Robert I, is considered to be Slobovia's constitutional monarch and chief of state. Slobovians are thrifty, hard-working, and obedient to their Kaiser. But they also enjoy life, and love music, dancing, good food and beer, and fellowship. They also enjoy vacations in their nation's scenic areas. Slobovians love new people, so we'd be happy if you joined us in this community trying to find its place in the sun." - from the website


Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)
This organization holds events around the world themed in Medieval time periods, and has even mapped out 16 different virtual kingdoms in the world. Taking into consideration the sheer number of the group's membership, as well as the scale of the organization's management, this is the largest model country organization in the world.

SWISDOMANIA (Swisdomanian Seperate Republic for the Arts)

"This new nation is one very much based from Issac Asimovs FOUNDATION series. It is a gathering of about 126 people who record events and dicoverings of our world. We are the cosen helpers and have seen the light. Our governmnet is a Chancellorship where two chancellors are voted from and rule for 5 years, along with a City Council and mayor." - from an e-mail



"We are a sino-German micronation from 1999 and we changed the name in 2011. We have own flag, crest, website, currency, passport and we have more than 250 residents. - from an e-mail by Prime Minister Danny H. Zhang


Frobnian Territory of SAN SERIFFE


Kingdom of SAINT PAUL


Republic of SHAVANO




SINGAPORE'S Government In-Exile

People's Democratic Republic of SMILEYVANIA


United Zoe Katholike Patriarchate of SOMTOVIA-ST. PAPINIAN


Principality of SOUTHUMBERLAND
"Crown Prince Jack of Southumberland went missing in 2001 and noone has heard from him since. It is assumed he has abandoned micronations for good it now being three years later."





Kingdom of TAR SHAKAN

"Tar Shakan is a Discordian Micronation designed to bring to reality the Dirt of the Mundo with the e-space of Tar Shakan, the e-nation. We invite all to 'remember' and participate in a feudal e-society with the aim of evolving to a state where e-world meets claimed dirt. Tar Shakan is an absurdist, performance art, creative collective of scribes, knights and others. The nation holds dubious land claims in the world and even more dubious supernatural claims of prophesized events. We are definitely like a model nation in that we have mechanisms to simulate Life, War, Politics, Diplomacy, Economic Principles, Social Customs, Conflict, Learning and Debate in the feudal age and to witness a natural progression or evolution in social structures, all with a heavy Discordian/Absurdist Twist." - from the founders

Republic of TAYLAND

"When I was a child I made up the Tays and had a Tay name for all my friends and when I learned it was possible to start micronations I figured tayland was a good ideal. So Tayland now exists. It has its own culture, songs, flag and language. Long live Tayland!" - from the website

State of TEXTOR

German project.


Empire of THRACE

"The Empire of Thrace (Traus Rezodon) is a sovereign, non-territorial nation founded in 23 August of 1992. The Empire of Thrace is a Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy following in the great democratic tradition of civilized nations. On account of the small size of our national community, Thrace is often referred to as a 'micronation'." - from the website


Free Republic / Kingdom of TIR NA NÒG

German project.


Kingdom of TORHAVN (TorHavn)

"We are an evolving sovereign nation-state in the planning phase of its development. By others, we have been called a micronation, ephemeral state, secessionist government (or movement), model country, etc. (and, less complimentariy, imaginary state, or even counter-country), ... unrecognized by the majority of world society. Yet, more importantly, WE call ourselves a future nation (and we ARE patient; we can wait): a country in the making, a warrior nation & the world's first 'green country'." - from the website


Sovereign Order of TREESIA

"This is the successor by Charter to the United Baronies of Treesia and the Palatinates, itself formerly known the Barony of Treesia and Fabon, and successor to the Republic of Treesia." - from the website

Sovereign Principality of TAEMOE

Republic of TERRA NOVUM
"The Republic of Terra Novum became a part of the United Baronies of Treesia & Fabon years ago. I do not recall the exact date except that it has been a part of Treesia since it became the United Baronies around 2001-2002."

Republic of TERRAVITAE

The Republic of Terravitae declared their independence from the United States of America on 30 May 2015 and has continued to peacefully seek recognition as a sovereign and independent nation. The founders of this Terravitae saw the U.S. as corrupt and no longer protecting the interests of Western Civilization. The goal of the Terravitae is to restore the God-given rights that every human is endowed with while creating a bulwark against the progressiveness of liberal democracies.  "We pledge to promote a healthy eco-system by cleaning up the Susquehanna River and keeping it safe for future generations."


Republic of TEXAS A&M


Democracy of THALASSA


TOSILAND (StrollTheStreets)


Republic of TRANS-PECOS


Provincial Union of TROBANTO



Not the "evil empire" of old, but a micronation of the same name.

UPWARE Republic

Mark Valentine discovered information about a Victorian model country project founded by students in Upware, England in 1851. "The members of the Republic included several who were to become eminent in various spheres in later life, including a Master of the Rolls, a Solicitor-General, two co-authors of an authoritative work on the natural history of Central America, a President of the Alpine Club (the mountaineering society), the man who sold Lord's cricket ground to the MCC, and many others. But perhaps the most intriguing name in the Republic's records is that of Samuel Butler, the author of the imaginary-world satire, Erewhon." After 5 or 6 years, the students' involvement seemed to have vanished. But in November 2001, Mark Valentine re-launched the model country, which now has 15 citizens who are in discussions to obtain a physical presence for the Republic in the village of Upware itself. - from the website


UTAGED, The Unknown Planet

"The UPSR was simply what we call a "sock puppet" nation, meaning it was ruled by fictional people, a project to try and increase Troy's [Presumably Kaiser Troy I of the former Empire of Slobovia] prominence, or just to annoy the crap out of other micronations." - e-mail from Emperor Peter I of Tarsicia


"United Demesos was annexed to Audentior in 2000 and became a part of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth after that nation folded. Shireroth continues to be a vibrant and active micronation."


UNITED FEDERATION of Independent Democratically Governed City States




United Provinces of UTOPIA


V-TOPIA (Website is in Chinese)

According to micropatriologist DD Ting, this is an on-line version of "V-Topia", a Chinese language novel by Zhang Xiguo.

Kingdom of VIRTUSTAN

"Virtusta'n - independent virtual kingdom, formed on 29 November, 2004. Population - 35 citizens on February 2006. Humans (97,3%), compose the majorities of population, cats (2,2%) and bots further them follow (0,5%). (According to the Virtustan Laws bots (artificially created software-hardware complexes) and domestic animals (pets) they have rights to the limited citizenship). Basic language: Russian. The form of control - monarchist, kingdom at present governs created its king Prool I." - from an e-mail


VIVO ESPACE Democratic Republic

"The Vivo Espace Democratic Republic is an independent micronation founded in 1976 in what was formerly the United Kingdom. Following a food embargo it ceded its territory back to the UK but continued as a virtual nation and remains so to this day. Vespacia (the official short form of the Republic's name) is the homeland of those who believe that people and nations should do what is RIGHT rather than what they can get away with or what is politically expedient. Vespacia believes that all people, everywhere, should become Vespacian citizens as holding and promoting these values will make the world a better place. Vespacia is called a republic because its citizens decide who should rule it and what form of government it should have. At present Vespacia is a qualified absolute monarchy, i.e. the monarch's word is law but the citizens can remove the monarch or adopt an entirely different system at any time. The present ruler is the country's founder, His Serene Highness King of the Vespacians Rumwold." - from an e-mail by His Serene Highness


Sovereign Order of VANESA


Republic of VESHAULT

Kingdom of VIKESLAND

The Kingdom of Vikesland, formerly known as the Principality of Vikesland, was a micronation in Manitoba, Canada. The focus of the micronation's activities were endeavors of a charitable and humanitarian nature.  The official website of Vikesland stated that the micronation was "not secessionist" and had no intention of claiming the territory of Canada or any other sovereign state. However, the site also identified Beyette's place of residence near the city of Brandon, as well as a nearby 6.5 square kilometer rural property which he co-owns with his parents, as being "Vikeslandic territory." The latter was referred to as the "Royal Ranchlands."  The nation was expected to reemerge as the Jarldom of Vikesland in the spring of 2019, however this never occurred and the website ceased to function in December 2019.


VÖKRIC: Saxkrasi Leode


Kingdom of VORTEX

Holy Empire of WESTERLAND

Hegemony of WILDWOOD

Kingdom of YAP

"On these pages you will learn about the history of Yap, and about the current Monarch, Marshall O'Keefe. The Goverment in Exile's goal is to raise awareness about the issues surrounding the restoration of the historic Yap Monarchy, as founded by David Dean O'Keefe in the 19th Century." - from the website


Named after a Kurt Weill song written during his exile in France.

Principality of ZUGESBUCHT (Congregatio Catolica Sine Dogma)

"The Catholic Congregation Without Dogma is a congregation founded in 1995 by some ULC ministers and it is led by a Prince-Cardinal, His Royal Eminence, The Prince-Cardinal Michael. As a congregation of ULC we only believe in that which is right and every member of CCSD also has the right to interpret what is right for themselves. But CCSD follows the Catholic Church's model. We, the Prince-Cardinal of the Principality of Zugesbucht great you! We have discovered a lack of what the Vatican is in the real world, and would like to bring it into the world of micronations. Note, that the religious aspect is only secondary and We accept all faiths. We would like to have archbishops and bishops around the world, and if you are, or if you have someone among your citizens, who is interested in religious aspects - regardless of faith - please, let him or her know about our webpage." - from the website



Kingdom of ZAIRE
"Endeavor on HIATUS as of Sept. 30, 2003 - until further notice." - from the website



ZHIHUIGUO (State of Wisdom)

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