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Prior to being conquered by Westarctica, Calsahara had a loose legal system known as The Will of the People.  In practice, however, the King of Calsahara ruled by decree.  While many of these decrees were made in the best interest of the people, many were not and resulted in unduly harsh punishments for minor offenses.  For example: citizens faced the death penalty for doing math problems, anyone wearing sandals risked having their feet chopped off, and if you offended the king, you would be horsewhipped!

Grand Duke Travis abolished all forms of capital punishment, swept away the authoritarian decrees, and laid down a new law of the land

as enshrined in the Article of Eternal Union.  This treaty serves as the legal basis for Westarctica's possession of the Colony of Calsahara and has laid the groundwork for a bright, shining future on the barren Carrizo Plain.

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