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As proof that the conquest of Calsahara was undertaken to benefit the greater good, Grand Duke Travis has given the entire 120 acre colony to the citizens of Westarctica as a personal gift.  To help encourage development and beautification of the colony, the Grand Duke and the Captain-General have parceled off small plots of land and given these to existing members of Westarctica's Hereditary Nobility.


These tiny plots are collectively called the Colonial Estates and are governed by the laws laid out in the Charter of the Colonial Estates.

Anyone granted a Colonial Estate is said to have Manorial Rights and is entitled to be known as a "Lord/Lady of the Manor."  This title is generally only used within the borders of Calsahara as all of the holders of Manorial Rights are already nobles of Westarctica.  The grant certificates are all hand-signed using a feather quill known as the Timothy Quill which was given to the Grand Duke by King Timothy of Shiloh.

The current location of the Colonial Estates is the southwest corner of Calsahara's capital city, Otisburg.  As of yet, each estate is only decorated with an orange survey flag and a stone marker bearing the name of the Estate as well as the year it was created.  In the future, all holders of Manorial Rights are encouraged to add decorations, landscaping, or other improvements to suit their tastes.

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