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Prior to being conquered by Westarctica, Calsahara was an absolute monarchy ruled by a King who was assisted by an administrative body known as the Chancellery.  The Article of Eternal Union between Westarctica and Calsahara abolished these institutions and elevated the deposed King to the position of Viceroy.

Overlord of Calsahara

His Royal Highness

As the ruler of Westarctica, Grand Duke Travis assumes overall responsibility for the internal and external affairs of the Colony of Calsahara.  His primary focus is on careful development and gradual improvement of the territory while also protecting and conserving Calsahara's natural environment.

The Viceroy of Calsahara

His Viceroyal Highness

The Viceroy formerly served as King of Calsahara from 2011 until he was deposed by the forces of Westarctica in 2017.  Following his departure from the throne, he was elevated to the position of Viceroy of Calsahara, serving as the representative of the Grand Duke's royal authority to the people of Calsahara.  The position of Viceroy is for life.

The Captain-General of Calsahara

His Excellency

Appointed from the ranks of the Westarctican Royal Guards, the Captain-General is the military governor of the Colony of Calsahara and serves beside the Viceroy as a representative of the Grand Duke.  The Captain-General's primary responsibility is physical management of Calsahara and general administration of the colony.  Currently, Captain-General Kramer is the third officer to occupy the post.

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