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The Calsaharan people embrace the cultural traditions of many nations and ethnic groups, and have begun to establish their own lifestyle which will continue to grow and change throughout the generations.

National Symbols

Coffee, Champagne, Flip-flops


As a colony of Westarctica, the official currency of Calsahara is the Westarctican Dollar; however, the Calsaharan Bulgur continues to be used locally.  Intense inflation in Calsahara, combined with the extremely low price of wheat has resulted in the severe devaluation of our currency; therefore, paper money is printed in units of millions.  Two billion Bulgur is worth one U.S. Dollar.


Each million Bulgur is divided into four Chaff.  Chaff coins are minted by the Bank of the Realm in units of 1 Chaff each, which is equivalent to 250,000 Bulgur.  The first issue of these coins were made of a unique wood composite that has the overwhelming stench of glue.  However, all subsequent issues are made of wood.  The first issue of Chaff coins are held by private coin dealers and are notoriously difficult to find.

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