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Calsahara was a micronation founded in 2009 in the remote high plains of the California Valley.  On 29 October 2017, it was conquered by the country of Westarctica and became a colony.

Official Name: The Westarctican Colony of Calsahara

(Cal=California + Sahara=Desert)

Land Area: 120 acres

Location: 175 miles north of Los Angeles on the Carrizo Plain


Climate Type: High plains arid grassland

Shoreline: 3,425 feet (inland river)

Roads: 2 miles (unpaved)


Capital City: Otisburg

Population: Unknown, census being conducted

Gross National Happiness Index: 0.7202 (#2 Worldwide)

Government Type: Colonial Administration

Head of State and Government: Grand Duke Travis

Royal Representative: Viceroy Nicholas (since 2017)

Military Governor: Captain-General Schroeder (since 2018)

Currency: Westarctican Icemark (Calsaharan Bulgur is used locally)

National Holiday: 24 November – Calsahara Day

Colonial Motto: “From nothing, something!”

Natural Resources: Wheat, Wind, Solar Power

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