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The Occult Tarot

The deck contains Tarot cards depicting the 72 Goetic demons of the Lesser Key of Solomon as well as six powerful Princes of Hell. Each card contains the demon's summoning sigil and a description of its abilities.


Vlad Dracula Tarot

The cards in this deck include imagery depicting the brutal nature of Vlad's reign over Wallachia, including the Forest of the Impaled, the Nailing of the Turbans, the mass execution of the poor, and numerous impaling scenes.


Egyptian Star Oracle

The images on the 42 cards come from Egyptian tomb art, papyrus, and pieces of pottery (ostracon).  Each card in this deck is linked to a specific star in the sky that was viewed as an important god to the ancient Egyptians. 


The Oracle of Heaven and Hell

Each card in the deck contains an image of a Goetic demon and a Kabbalistic angel. The astrological meanings of the angels and demons provide the meanings for each card in the upright or reversed position.

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True Oracle of Nostradamus

The deck utilizes the predictions of French seer Nostradamus and blends prophecies from his 1555 book Les Prophéties with the meanings behind of the Tarot.


Angel of the Day Mini Cards

These 40 inspirational messages come from the angels of the Shem HaMephorash, also known as the Kabbalah, an ancient system of Hebrew mysticism. The sigils on the back of each card use Kabbalistic magic to connect you directly with the divine spirits of heaven.

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The Angel Tarot

Each card in The Angel-Evoking Tarot combines a Kabbalistic angel with a Tarot card. The correspondence between the cards and the angels is based on the skill or ability that the angel possesses, matched with the traditional meaning of the Tarot card.


Hieronymus Bosch Tarot

This deck consists entirely of original artwork by the Flemish painter Hieronymus Bosch. It was conceived on the premise that had Hieronymus Bosch been commissioned to create a Tarot deck by a European noble family.


Magicians, Martyrs, and Madmen Tarot

This deck features prominent occultists and other spiritual people throughout history, each person is paired to a Tarot card that best exemplifies the lessons from their life and activities.

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Twice Told Tarot

The intent of the simple illustrations in this deck are to create a Tarot that was easy to read and understand and was light enough to be used every day.


Sexcraft Oracle

An oracle combining Witchcraft, Sex, and Ritual Magic for divination and daily spiritual practice. The Sexcraft Oracle captures the spirit of sacred sexual practices through the lens of witchcraft and ritual magic.


Demon of the Day Mini Cards

These 40 cards contain messages from the Goetic demons, a group of infernal spirits that helped King Solomon build his temple during ancient times. Just as they helped the biblical king to accomplish his work, these demons can assist you in overcoming your weaknesses by revealing the truth hidden in the shadows.

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