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The Full Story


"In 1997, I saw Mike Tyson fight for the first time. I knew I could never be as good as him, but I wanted to do it anyway."


"In 2017, I started training myself as a boxer. Just working on the heavy bag and jumping rope. Life got in the way, and after a few months, I quit training and wandered off to pursue other things."


"In 2022, I hit rock bottom with my health... Grossly overweight with high cholesterol and prediabetes, I decided it was time to get into shape. After I dropped 70 pounds in one year, I now had the kind of body that was suited to a physical sport like boxing." 


"Finally, in August 2023, I walked into a real boxing gym: Rocky Boxing Club in Berwick, Pennsylvania. I quickly realized that my 'self-training' had taught me many bad habits. The coaches there started from scratch training me to compete as an amateur boxer."


"To prepare for my first fight, I created a 12-week fight camp in the style of professional boxers. Each week involved 12 - 15 hours of training: cardio, boxing, strength, yoga, and cross-training in jiu-jitsu. Three weeks of the camp were spent in Brazil training with pro coaches at Corner Boxing Academy in São Paulo. The level of intensity at that gym was what I really needed to push my conditioning and skillset to the next level."




27 April 2024

Berwick, PA

RESULT: 2nd Round Stoppage

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