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After college, Travis pursued a career in the United States Navy where he served for eight years as an Intelligence Specialist with a Top Secret/SCI security clearance. During his tour on the USS Kearsarge (LHD-3), he deployed to the Persian Gulf twice in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.


In conjunction with his first deployment to the Gulf, in June 2003, McHenry was responsible for planning and executing a non-combatant evacuation of U.S. Embassy personnel in Monrovia, Liberia during the Second Liberian Civil War in Operation Shining Express.

After his tour of duty onboard the USS Kearsarge was complete, he became an instructor at the Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia. His primary specialties were Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (ATFP) and foreign country military capabilities. He was honorably discharged from the military in October 2008.

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From 2007 - 2013, Travis was a professional actor, appearing in over 100 stage and screen productions. His films included: Body of Lies with Russell Crowe, Ambushed with Dolph Lundgren, and True Indigo with Keith David.


Some of the stage plays he appeared in include: The Shock of Recognition with Jimmi Simpson, The Jungle Book with James McMenamin, and leading roles in Annie, Oedipus Rex, and Send Me No Flowers.

In 2013, he was invited to audition for the original Broadway production of the musical Allegiance by famed Star Trek actor and gay advocate, George Takei, but was ultimately not selected for the cast.


From 2013 - 2018, Travis worked as a recruiter in the psychic services and healthcare fields. As a recruiter for California Psychics, he was widely-regarded as the best in the industry and consistently set new company records while leading the advisor recruiting team.

As a national recruiting manager for Maxim Healthcare, Travis developed and launched the Travel Nursing Jobs App, which quickly became the #1 app for nurses on the App Store and Google Play, capturing a mind-boggling 25% market share in the first two months.

These experiences inspired Travis to start his own company and in July 2018, he left the corporate world behind to launch his own publishing and entertainment company, Bloodstone Studios.



In December 2014, Travis founded Westarctica, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation devoted to fighting climate change and protecting the fragile ecosystem of Western Antarctica. He currently serves as Chairman of its Board of Directors.

In September 2018, he founded Bloodstone Studios, a publishing company devoted to esoteric subjects such as tarot cards, ritual magic, and the occult. Bloodstone Studios currently has partnerships with major international publishers Rockpool Publishing in Australia, Simon & Schuster in the U.S., and Editora Ardane in Brazil.


Travis was accepted into the undergraduate theater program at Bloomsburg University during his first semester as a high school senior allowing him to attend university classes in the evenings. He ultimately majored in Theater and Anthropology at Bloomsburg before leaving college to join the Navy.

He subsequently attended Orange Coast College where he again dual-majored in Theater and Anthropology.

From 2009 - 2013, he was enrolled in the acting program at the Lee Strasberg Institute in West Hollywood. He graduated from the program with a certificate in performance.

In 2020, he graduated from Harvard Business School's CoRe credential program specializing in Business Analytics, Economics, and Financial Accounting.




Travis has been married twice, once to a woman and once to a man. He has two children and seven tattoos.

He divides his time between rural Pennsylvania and São Paulo, Brazil with frequent travel to Los Angeles, New York, Europe, and Australia.

Travis is passionate about music, film, and Shakespeare. He enjoys boxing, hiking, weight lifting, and recently began training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

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